As a Wireless Communications Sales company, Advanced Wireless Marketing represents several major commercial wireless communications manufacturers.

Our team has over 85 years of experience in the Wireless Communications field. Our experienced sales representatives can help you evaluate your business communications needs and recommend the best products to meet those needs. We have experience in the areas of Public Safety, Hospitals, Utilities, Education, Commercial, and Government Accounts.

Please contact us for a personal phone call to answer all of your questions!

About Us

Advanced Wireless Marketing is a member of CMA, APCO, and MANA. We offer competitive pricing, services in the areas of Product Sales, Product Development and Engineering. With over 85 years of communications experience; we can help you solve your communications needs – no matter how big or small. Our territory is the Mid-Atlantic area - Metropolitan New York and surrounding Counties through Virginia.

Products and Services

Our major manufacturers are well respected in the industry and have a wide variety of products from which to choose. Our experienced sales representatives can help you evaluate your needs and review the various applicable products on the market. They will coordinate your purchase, whether it is test equipment, surveillance equipment, a complete system, new repeaters, or add on units, delivery, installation and final testing.

Leasing Options

Equipment leasing is available as an alternative financing option. Be sure to ask us about this option.